Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

We provide hearing protection for a variety of hobbies and interests.

All of our hearing protection is custom made. This gives a far superior fit and maximum hearing protection required for healthy hearing.

– Motorcycle Plugs

– Musician Plugs (ER-9, ER-15, ER-25)

– Swim Plugs

All custom made plugs are made by taking an impression of the ear. Our Audiologist will come out to you to take the required measurements. We will always check the ears for wax prior to taking an impression however to avoid disappointment and delay in having your ear plugs made it is important that the ears are completely clear of wax. If you are prone to a build up of ear wax you can take advantage of our ear wax removal service or alternatively arrange for your local surgery to have the ear wax cleared.

To arrange an appointment or to discuss your hearing protection requirements call 07599 095 465 or email sham@thehearingclinicmk.co.uk or simply fill in the enquiry form with your request.


Dear Patients

The Hearing clinic is open for reduced hours at the Milton Keynes location only.


Patients who have appointments are advised to please turn up promptly and please do not bring a family member or friend into the clinic unless it is neccessary.

Appointments can be made online or by calling me direct.

Best wishes & keep safe 
Sham Rashid - The hearing clinic Mk
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